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Saturday, June 9, 2012

VTABLE Table in C/C++

Non virtual functions get linked statically. I.e. their addresses along with machine code of ‘CALL’ assembly instruction are placed to make/resolve method call. However, to resolve virtual methods, compiler creates a table called VTABLE and puts address of all the virtual methods in it. With the help of this table, calls to appropriate method get resolved at runtime. Compiler places code to fetch the address of virtual method from VTABLE to make a call to the virtual method.

The VTABLE is created in the data segment, not on heap, at compile time (not at run time). Compiler creates only one VTABLE for a class containing virtual method (including inherited method) and all its object will have VPTR pointer variable pointing to the VTABLE. The VPTR variable is initialized in default constructor, copy constructor and assignment operator.